Concerns about the effects of financial risk factor into every business leader’s decision making and cuts across all industries and geographic regions. Flatrace Investments leverages its significant expertise and broad experience in risk management to assist clients in navigating issues that may impact their financial bottom line. The team works with a wide range of clients such as international financial institutions, asset managers and privately held enterprises to identify, assess, manage, report and limit the financial risks they face on a daily basis.

Recent matters include areas such as:

Credit and Operational Risk Measurement and Management

Economic Capital Management

Capital Adequacy and Regulatory Services

Market and Liquidity Risks

Financial Instruments Accounting

Risk Management in Transactions

Finance and Treasury Management and Transformation

Risk Management Advisory

Flatrace is a trusted risk management adviser to boards and executive teams globally and is supported by a network of best-in-class consultants in  key financial centers and markets. Whenever and wherever the need arises, the firm can help clients improve their processes, governance and strategy to minimize their financial risks and maximize their returns.